Monday, May 5, 2008

Tall Comments - please go away

I was grabbing a coffee at Timothy's yesterday in my neighbourhood when a tall comment peaked out it's little head from a stranger who was eyeing me up and down.

I'm not clear on whether this strange man was trying out a pick up line or if he was just being flat out rude. Here I was, minding my own business, stirring the milk into my Irish Cream coffee when from behind me I hear "Wow you're tall, let me guess you play basketball?". The cringed feeling that entered my body must have appeared on my face. How could it not? This is the worst comment a man can make to a woman who already feels amazonian in heels, let alone having a bloat day. Nothing against female basketball players, I just don't feel I look very athletic. As I turned to him and said "no", then tried to continue on with my business, he then says "no? ok ok let me guess, high jump then?" Instead of letting him continue I gave him my bitchiest look and walked out. I hope he got the hint.

Seriously would he be asking a shorter than average person if she is a jockey? Does she gain winnings at Woodbine for riding horses? I mean really? Would that comment not be offensive? Then how do people think making basketball comments to me is perfectly ok? I know I'm tall. Duh, I've lived in my body for the last 28 years. I know I grew well above the average kids in my class, always standing in the back row for photos, looking down at my crush's head in grade school as we slowly danced to "I will always love you" during our school dances. Oh I'm well aware, so pointing out my height will in no way flatter me. Now letting me know I'm model tall is ok. That's associated with beauty and glam. I'm ok with that!

I suppose this person was just socially inept. After venting to my fiance afterwards, he assured me he finds me attractive and I'm happy to say that is and should be what is most important.

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Honey Bee said...

You are definitely a glamorous model tall.