Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Sad Tale of Shameful Acts

After reading an article in The Toronto Star this morning, tears literally were brought to my eyes.

An Ajax couple are devastated after a robber broke into their home and stole a pendant filled with their son's ashes. The couple lost their baby son six years ago, 16 days after he was born. Lorraine Hutchinson received a pendant from a dear friend and her husband, Dave, placed some of their baby's ashes inside as a gift. Lorraine started to run after the death to cope with her grief and her husband explained she could wear the pendant and now run with her son.

I hope the person who robbed the couple's home at least returns the pendant. Assuming this person didn't realize what he or she was taking, hopefully the priceless jewellery isn't just thrown away. What a tragedy.

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