Monday, May 26, 2008

Maid of Honour duties - Showers of fun

This past weekend I threw my friend Lindsay a bridal shower! What a beautiful day and I'm so happy the event was a success.

I'm so honoured to be a Maid of Honour. I've been a bridesmaid before but being a MOH (Maid of Honour) is quite different and more resposibility! I'm in charge of shower(s), bachelorettes and - oh my - the speech! So far so good. The shower was perfect. Many thanks to my mom and the brides mom. I don't know how anyone could throw such an event alone.

I can happily say my friend is so not a bridezilla. She is the most easy going bride I've ever met. Her and I might come in for a tie. Ok ok, maybe my bridal party would disagree. I'm not sure:) Tips on keeping the sanity for future Maids of Honours:

1. Save for the event. The shower does cost money and if you save for the occassion you won't be overly stressed when the day arrives.

2. Get outside help! If there are no other bridesmaids, ask family members and/or friends for some assistance. You can't do this alone.

3. Be ready for the unexpected. People who you didnt' think were coming, may still come. Or they may bring their children!

4. Feel free to play some games, but reality is that many people aren't so keen on the idea so keep the games simple.

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