Monday, May 19, 2008

The Midtown - Meets you more than halfway

My new favourite bar in Toronto is officially The Midtown.

Located in the heart of Toronto's Little Italy at College and Bathurst streets, the not-so-extravegant looking venue holds more punch than it seems at first glance. The store front bar extends its invitation to the public with its friendly bouncers. Yes I did say that correctly. A bar in Toronto does actually have friendly security staff.

Walking into the bar, I was immediately greeted by a smiling bartender. No having to flirt your way to great service at this place. The staff will serve on a first come basis. I didn't feel as though I was competing with the 19 year old-short-skirt crowd at this place. The back bar made me feel as though I was at a quaint house party. Bottles of PC brand cola, sprite and ginger ale line the bar and a pleasant hostess is waiting there to serve. Along with the houseparty theme was the DJ. Spinning my favourite hits from University, including Ashante, Big Pun and City High!

Feeling very comfortable with the staff and crowd of mid-twenty to upper-thirty-somethings, and the friendly staff, I felt free to enjoy myself and my friends without feeling as though I'm always on guard should a young 19 year old want to pick a fight over wearing the same mini skirt.

The Midtown is certainly a great place to visit if you would like to just relax and have a great time dancing, chatting or sitting with friends.

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