Thursday, May 22, 2008

NitWit Neighbours

Let me first begin this post by acknowledging to the world that yes, perhaps I shouldn't be living under anyone. I've never been good at being on the bottom. ok ok *wink *wink.

Seriously though, maybe I've just been instilled with a different thought process than everyone else but if I were to live in an old house/apartment building with hardwood floors, I would definitely be cautious not to disturb the people down below.
To get to the point, we had new neighbours move in above us three weeks ago. A great couple who seemed very pleasant, and I know they still are, but it's just that one pet peeve of mine making me cringe. They are heavy walkers and they tend to walk around above our bedroom very early in the morning.

When our landlords lived above us, they were aware of the hardwood floors and they made a point to avoid the room above our bedroom early in the mornings, especially on the weekend. They strategically implied in their rental ad, when they were ready to move out, that the three bedroom apartment is perfect for a couple. They also apparently chose between a couple who didn't take their shoes off and a couple who did (our current neighbours). These new neighbours were also informed where our bedroom is and that it'd be nice if they refrained from using the room above ours as their bedroom (seeing as they had two other rooms to choose from) and walking around in there early in the mornings.
Well low and behold, our new neighbours walk around above our bedroom at 6a.m on weekdays and before 8a.m. on weekends. I think this really bothers me because they appear to be younger than my fiance and I and I was hoping we would be crawling home from the bar together on a Saturday night! Not the case. What we have here are a couple of people who are homebodies and my nightmare - Morning people!

I will confront them this weekend when the weather appears to be nice and sunny. Hopefully everyone is in a good mood? I'm sure I'll be tired from the Sunday morning wake up stomp. But I need to confront them and politely be upfront. I'm nervous as I'm more of a passive person. I'd rather them hear me complain about them through closed doors. But I suppose it's time for me to grow up. Wish me luck.

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