Friday, May 16, 2008

The others just aren't the same

Having no car is proving to be more difficult than I originally imagined.

When the car broke down, I wrote it off and thought I would just rent when I needed one. Being naive, I didn't think the rental agencies would try to take me for all I'm worth!

It's the May long weekend and I had plans to visit a friend in Sarnia. When I went to rent a car, each place said 'oops we're closed on Sunday AND Monday. You must rent until we're back open until Tuesday!". Yes of course they say I can drop the car off anytime I like. Even when they are closed. But I still have to pay for it until they are open.

Does this make sense? I suppose it does for the companies who are trying to get rich off its customers. But for me, I'm now seriously considering just purchasing a new car. But does that make sense? Why is it that a car is such a pertinent part of life? Before losing it, I took my car for granted, thinking it would take me anywhere whenever I wanted. I didn't think it would just be gone so suddenly. Yes yes, I am certainly still mourning the damn old car.

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