Monday, March 10, 2008

I think I have Gerascophobia - I wonder how many people know what that means?

OK so gerascophobia is the fear of ageing. It turns out many people, mainly women, have this phobia. I may be one of them to an extent. For now I have it under control. But I can feel the phobia and lines on my face slowly creeping up on me.
In the last few months I have been obsessing and I mean obsessing over some lines around my eyes. They seem to be getting progressively worse and I don't know if it's lack of sleep (probably), too much caffeine (oh definitely) or alcohol (Yes I realize I should cut back) OR it could be too much stress!

Reality is I'm only 27 years old. I shouldn't be focused on small lines on my face. At my age I should not be worrying about the possibility of age spots or contemplating cosmetic procedures to rid myself of lines - mainly caused by smiling but also unfortunately caused by the effects of the sun and other outside stresses in my life.

However, to think I already have a couple of friends who have had or are thinking about getting botox. Of course having friends who have tried it and look fantastic, as well as outside pressure from the media to always look my best has allowed me to wonder if I should try botox. I just want to try it once and see how well it would really work for me.

This has caused many worried looks from my fiance who doesn't think my choice of anti ageing treatment would be the best decision for me at this time. Honestly how harmful could a few needles injecting botulinum toxin into my face be? My face would feel frozen for only a day or so, I may or may not get a droopy eye and I won't show any emotion when I smile. This way, lines won't appear on my face and I won't be showing wrinkles. Brilliant!
Yes I poke fun but how much more real fun would it be to look forever young? I can start the botox injections now and stop the clock of aging! Wow I will continue to look 27 years old forever! Everyone will ask my husband where he found such a young woman for someone his age. Hilarious.

OK so in the meantime, that is perhaps until I gather up the courage and the funds for botox, I have decided to try less expensive, more age appropriate techniques to diminish the lines around my precious eyes. Today I bought pure Vitamin E oil. After researching it's benefits I purchased the product and am now sitting on my couch with oil smeared all over my face (might as well be proactive and get every area wrinkles may appear!). I'm going to give this oil two weeks and see what happens. I have also decided to drink green tea daily. Green tea, with its powerful antioxidants, has been known to stall and even reverse the aging process. Because of these findings I'm going to give it a go!

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Anonymous said...

Im 22, i'll be 23 in 3 weeks and am terrified. I understand what you mean about the wrinkle thing. I have a frown line between my eyebrows and i'm obsessed with it. This would sound ridiculous to someone without this phobia, but i can relate to what you wrote completly.