Thursday, March 13, 2008

Politics of a Callous Cheater

At the height of the Eliot Spitzer outrage I can't help but make certain observations regarding all politicians who feel the need to have an affair.

It seems if you are a politician wishing to gain international notoriety and to end your career in the process, cheating on your loving wife and family who has stood by you throughout many campaigns, long nights and media thrashing is definitely the way to go.

One question coming to my mind is why does taking part in a circus of scandolous sex acts appear to be a trend among politicians? Another is why do these bastards' wives stand by them as they shamely emerge from the mask they have been wearing to face the media, family, friends and voters in a humiliating way?

I believe certain politicians feel they are above the law once they are handed the 'key to the city' so to speak. I believe the power they feel from reaching their status may cloud their thoughts and cause them to truly believe they can have it all, regardless of who it may hurt or how the outcome would affect their reputations and careers.

With that said, the wives who stand by these men are not truly exceptional as perhaps they wish for the public to believe. In fact I do not feel sorry for them. I feel sick to think that the first women in these situations are actually well educated and "independant". My respect fades completely when I see wives standing next to these once powerful cowards as they admit their demise to the world. What I see isn't a loyal wife. What I see is a woman who is weak and cannot believe the position she held while her politician husband was in power has now vanished. When I witness this, I actually believe that the marriage they and perhaps many other political couples illustrate to the public is only a facade. I believe this is more of a business relationship, created to benefit both parties.

Take Hilary Clinton for example. She "stood" by Bill Clinton throughout his own scandal and I was baffled by this so called strong woman's decision to stand behind a man who humiliated her in front of the world. It wasn't until Hilary Clinton announced her desire to run for the 2008 Presidential election that I understood. Of course her position as once first lady made her an ideal candidate. She took the situation she was handed and made the best of it. Although she still lost my respect.

I will be a married woman myself in a few months time. I love my fiance and will stand by him in almost every situation, however I could never humiliate myself while my husband admits to the world that he cheated on not only me but our family for his own pleasure. I would feed that man to the sharks and never look back. I would make it known that I am an independant woman and therefore capable of leaving someone behind who doesn't respect me enough to stay loyal to me. Someone who cannot find pleasure within our relationship, rather than outside it wouldn't deserve my vote. If I were the wife of Eliot Spitzer, he would be facing this scandal alone. There would be no need for me to stand by someone who obviously stopped standing by his wife long ago.

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