Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wrong Advice can steer some to a bad place

I've been so busy at work this week, I haven't had the chance to write about an article I read on Monday that made me want to hurl the morning paper across the subway.

Reading the Toronto free morning paper, The Metro, I came across an article titled "Making Do when Unhappy at Work". Usually, I look forward to reaching the Workology section. This portion often provides insightful advice and personal stories about the working world. I often feel inspired when I read this section. Reading this week's title, I was excited. I've been unhappy with work many times and I was looking forward to reading advice on how to make it work!

Well unfortunately this article gave horrible advice! While the beginning provides sound advice when looking for another job, such as acting like the 'perfect' employee in order to keep your current job until you find another one, another paragraph reads "A woman named Susan who worked in insurance claims at a Fortune 100 company said her doctor told her that her breast cancer was likely caused by all the stress put on her by a boss who mistreated employees. After taking a medical leave to undergo chemotherapy, she had to decide whether to return to a bad work situation just for the health benefits."

Nothing indicates the fact that your health is more important than sticking it out at your job or an inspiring story about a woman who discovers her cancer is due to her boss then finds alternative means to make an end rather than living the one life she was given in peace and happiness. I just didn't find this article inspiring at all unfortunately.

Read yourself and develop your own opinion! enjoy

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