Monday, July 7, 2008

Seriously Sunday?

Did Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban really name their daughter Sunday after having her on a Monday?

Nicole Kidman, who I always think of as classy, beautiful and intelligent, chose to name her daughter after a day of the week and not even on the right day! What is it with some celebrities playing into this new 'alternative' trend of names. I just don't understand how a couple could go through a list of names and decide on Apple or Suri? If you aren't from the culture, why name your kid after what you think is a cultural name for something pretty? In fact "Suri" is a type of South American Llama! In Japan it can mean "pick pocket". Perhaps someone will not agree with me but it's my blog right? I think the names are silly.

Well regardless, an Urban/Kidman baby is bound to grow up beautiful.

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