Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mosquito Mayhem

The buzz isn't quite the same effect I get from half a bottle of Chardonnay.

We stayed at a friends cottage this past weekend and had such a great time. I'll admit, I'm not a 'cottage person'. My ideal weekend getaway would usually consist of going somewhere nice but being able to dress up, go out and of course shower! Regardless, this was my friends cottage, I'm comfortable enough to look dirty and smell of layers of sweat, sunscreen and bug spray for a few days. I can show my whiney side when I have to go into the lake (I hate water) and can freak out when I see a spider or have a mosquito try and eat me for dinner. She won't judge me (I hope?).

It's funny how fine I am with the Mosquito bites when I'm there, but the minute I get home the pesky itchiness just won't quit. I'm at my desk right now scratching my bites. I'd rather them hurt than itch. What a horrible feeling. And honestly, where have those stingers been before biting me? I don't like to think about it but you just never know! Hopefully the uncomfortable feeling will go away soon. Then I may be ready to do it all over again...this time I'll be buying many different brands of bugspray...and a net!

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