Friday, February 22, 2008

Time for Winter to End

I'm sitting here at my desk at work. Exhausted from yet another morning of walking the 10 minutes from my house to the subway station. The weather makes me feel as though my whole body's energy is being sucked out. My limbs and head ache from the cold and I have been experiencing a constant shiver for the last three days. I feel like I'm 90 years old! But actually I'm only 27.

This is how I feel every winter. I tremble, I whine, I feel sad and depressed and I wish the season away. I often wonder why I allow myself to live this way for the better part of five months of the year. The minute Spring-like weather arrives, I can feel the cloud of darkness peel away from my soul. I can feel the invigorating freshness of new life and new energy. It's like my mind hibernates for the Winter season and the real Care emerges after a few months. Yes just like a bear, grrr.

I often dream of moving to a warmer place. As I'm sure many people do. I'll watch The Hills on MTV and see pretty girls living it up, wearing dresses all year long in LA and wonder why I don't get to have that life (as I mentioned I whine A LOT in the winter).

Instead, I'm here, stuck wearing ugly dress pants because I'm too cold to wear a dress in -20C weather and my precious boots I spent $200 on are now ruined because of the damn salt stains! Wearing a pretty dress is actually a luxury to me. It means the better weather is here and I get to show some skin OR it means I'm heading to a formal party and I'm willing to grit my teeth and bare through the freezing cold for style. Something I rarely do in the Winter. No matter what though, with my pasty white skin, dry patchy face and ugly "winter wardrobe". I feel like a slob and not an attractive one, every single winter season. I also tend to drink a lot of red wine.

I'm sure my posts will get a lot lighter as Spring approaches but for now, I'm sitting at work, looking at the snow blow outside and am not looking forward to my walk back home. I could use a hot chocolate, or a glass of red wine and definitely a fire place right about now!

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