Monday, February 18, 2008

Selling the Shreddie Getting Stale?

Shreddies, the healthy cereal made up of 100% whole wheat began it's journey to popularity in 1955 when Nestle began marketing it to the public with it's "Good Good Whole Wheat Shreddies"slogan.

I grew up on this cereal and was often excited for the treat in the bottom of the box and the unexpected good taste! The marketing of this healthy cereal was obviously effective with its consumers.

So I was rather surprised recently when I noticed Shreddies start advertising "Diamond Shreddies". At first glance I thought it was a joke. A marketing spoof perhaps?

Until further investigation and additional commercials appearing on my TV screen, did I have to come to terms with the fact that yes Shreddies Cereal has indeed run out of marketing ideas. I'm no advertising agent, but when a group of individuals marketing this brand sit in a room and discuss the next course of action for this cereal, did they really collectively agree that turning the shreddie on its side in a picture will trick it's faithful consumers into thinking this was brilliant? Will this really create more purchasing power?

What was wrong with a circle? Or a rectangle? I will never know but am allowed to wonder why my cereal of choice thinks this marketing indolence is going to just slip under the radar with its consumers. We who eat the Shreddie are no idiots. We, who are over the age of five, are obviously healthy breakfast eaters, and know better than to be excited about an image turned on a 45 degree angle.

All in all, with or without this new publicity ploy, the Shreddie remains the same. The cereal has history behind it and that is what will keep it on the shelves. Diamond, square or circle my childhood favourite will still get my buck. However, perhaps the buck should go to new advertisers.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? You've obviously missed the point of a humorous ad campaign. Perhaps you were not their target audience?

Care said...

I guess a lot of people missed 'the point'. care to expand?

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that they're now diamond shaped but I still think they taste the same. Does anyone agree? -mighty_socrates

Anonymous said...

I personally think that they taste a little different now that they are diamond shape. I'm glad because I was getting tired of the old ones.