Monday, October 27, 2008

I said I QUIT!

After working for a few years in a large company, with a supportive environment and wonderful bosses, I decided to take what I thought would be an excellent opportunity somewhere else.

Little did I know I would be in for quite the stressful few months! It was only three months before my wedding but I thought I needed a change. When change was offered, I jumped. I jumped right into an environment where team work was discouraged and the word 'degrading' took on another meaning. My boss wasn't the approachable type which deeply saddened me because I reached out whenever I could. I was polite and respectful to management, yet they treated me very poorly.

I decided after yet another publicly degrading incident that I had had enough. My husband decided this as well! We were both so sick of the stress this place had caused me and the unfortunate fact that during what was supposed to be the happiest time of our life (our wedding), my new job remained a cloud of worry and unhappiness.

I was threatened with paying the vacation I took for my wedding and honeymoon back if I quit shortly after. Because of this threat, I felt very uncomfortable telling them I was leaving. Instead of resigning by handing in my two weeks, I couriered my resignation, office keys and a letter explaining my sudden departure. It was the only answer I had so I didn't have to face the hideous reaction I'm sure I would have faced if I had provided notice. Unfortunately I feel as though I was forced to leave. No one deserves to be treated the way I was and I predict the trend of people in my position resigning to continue.

Next time I will listen to my gut. I had a feeling something wasn't right when my ex boss was reluctant to give me my vacation (my honeymoon!) because she had had someone quit after taken vacation before. I asked myself why this person had quit and then I learned this person wasn't the only one. Red flag? Yes definitely and I will be careful with my next job!

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