Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Protest Public Transit

"Hey b**ch, why are you budding in front of me?!?! Wait, why is that girl offering you, the budder of the century, her seat? Oh, I see the bump now, you're very pregnant." Oops! I gave the eyeball to a woman this morning and made loud comments to my husband about how rude she was, only to find out she actually had a valid excuse for her behaviour.

TRUST ME when I say this though, someone having a valid excuse to be rude on the subway is not normal! On a daily basis, I encounter the land of the rude. I walk peacefully, hand in hand with my husband (I might mention husband A LOT from now on BTW as I only got married two weeks ago) where was I? I walk peacefully to the subway station before being bombarded by frowning faces and people who only want to make my morning commute miserable.

My feet get stepped on, I get pushed out of the way, I get purses pretty much shoved up regions I'm not prepared to discuss on this public blog, I have backpacks swipe me in the face and many mornings I wonder if I woke up in the wrong country when these two annoying ladies speak this unknown language (unknown to me) so fast and loud, I can't hear myself think.

In the wake of the election, let's vote for someone who is willing to use french fry oil instead of gasoline, to promote more work-from-home days and the three day week (in order to save the environment of course!). Public transit takes the morning blahs to the next level! Can't wait to do this again tomorrow.

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